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Kashmir’s uniqueness makes it fascinating for every kind of tourist .Extremely wide-ranging and possibly the most extensive sites and attractions make Kashmir a truly world class destination. Romantic green meadows, mountains, bewitching lakes and valleys remains a spectacular facet of countryside in Kashmir. The glory of the valley in its pristine charm is in the picturesque rural Kashmir, sounding like a fairytale and portraying the true culture of Kashmir.

Even though life and atmosphere in villages have a lot to share in common but villages in Kashmir stand apart for their unique features and traits. Kashmiri villages have got their own style, structure and architecture. Villages of Kashmir valley are characterized as the beautiful spots on representing nature in its chaste form. The essential features of these villages are congenial climate, numerous streams, water-falls, springs, fragrant flowers, delicious fruits, caves, pastures and other natural sceneries. Home to many renowned shrines, Saints, ascetics and the sages have always been attracted to Kashmir Villages.
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