Flora And Fauna

The district Kupwara is rich in flora having a wide range of thick forests and distinctive  flowers. The main species of forest trees found in the district are Deodar, Kale, Pine, Fir, Blue Fir, and Elm which are found in abundance. Beside Chinar, Poplar, Willows, Walnuts, and a variety of fruit trees are grown in the area. The forests are also rich in minerals and other forest products. There are wild ranges of medicinal Herbs found in the area. The local herbs found are Ratanjog,  Memakh, Booja, Khaupittres, Bunafuch, Gouchi, Kalwatt etc.The dense forest of Kupwara district contain range’ of wild life. It provides a good habitat and environment for birds and wild animals. The common birds found in the district are Crows, Vultures, Falcons, Woodpeckers, Bush cat, Fly catchers, Bulhul, Doves, Pigeons, wild duck,cocks, Sparrow etc.Among the most common wild animals found in the for Black hear, Red bear, Tigers, Jackals, Fox, Markhore, Musk deer, goats, Monkeys and Wild bulls.