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Naranag Tourist Village
Showcasing the heritage tourism potential of the beautiful village of Naranag in northern Kashmir, India
Naranag Spring

Narayan-Nag or Nara-Nag spring is located near Khag village. It is said to get waters from the Sar Lake. The waters of this Sar seep down into the ground and re-emerge again as the Narayan Nag spring. To support this theory there is a legend that describes of a mendicant who accidently dropped some sheep-dung into the Toshmaidan Sar Lake. He found it floating on the Naranag when he reached here a few days later. To be sure that there was indeed underground water link between Sar and Nag, he went back to Sar and threw turmeric Powder into it. After a few days the turmeric coloured waters reached the Nag and proved him right.