comma2Kashmir’s uniqueness makes it fascinating for every kind of tourist .Extremely wide-ranging and possibly the most extensive sites and attractions make Kashmir a truly world class destination. Romantic green meadows, mountains, bewitching lakes and valleys remains a spectacular facet of countryside in Kashmir. The glory of the valley in its pristine charm is in the picturesque rural Kashmir, sounding like a fairytale and portraying the true culture of Kashmir. Even though life and atmosphere in villages have a lot to share in common but villages in Kashmir stand apart for their unique features and traits. Kashmiri villages have got their own style, structure and architecture. Villages of Kashmir valley are characterized as the beautiful spots on representing nature in its chaste form. The essential features of these villages are congenial climate, numerous streams, water-falls, springs, fragrant flowers, delicious fruits, caves, pastures and other natural sceneries. Home to many renowned shrines, Saints, ascetics and the sages have always been attracted to Kashmir Villages.comma1

Shar-i-Shali Village – A Profile

This is the place where inquisitiveness comes to play. Where it comes to take a hike, to soothe under the shadow of meadows, or ride alongside a native villager. This is the place where curiosity comes to get closer, to get answers and to develop harmony with nature. Shar-i-Shali is a historical village having its roots in the early civilizations of Kashmir. It is said that in Shar-i-Shali, there used to be sizeable population of ironsmiths or ‘Khars’ in Kashmiri language who made iron tools and equipments from crude iron ore found scattered in nearby dense Wuyan-Khrew forest area.
Shar-i-Shali is surrounded by gorgeous mountains from all three sides. The mountains covered with dense forests of fir and deodar gives a great feeling of adventure and serenity.
The area is located at an average elevation of 1,607 metres from the sea level. That means it is slightly at an elevated position from the capital Srinagar whose altitude is 1585 meters.
The area is part of the larger Pampore plateau, famous for its saffron crop throughout the world. It is surrounded on all sides by small villages like Androssa, Wuyan, Bathen, Nagandar, Satpokhran, Khrew,Ladhou, goundbal, mandekpal, etc. Main means of communication is a macadamized motorable road.
Total area of the village is 655.60 hectares and it hosts a total of 449 households. The total population as per the 2001 census was 3613; which includes 1889 males and 1724 females.
the current literacy rate is 25%. Out of the total area, an irrigated portion of 100.77 hectares exists in addition to a cropped area of 463.77 hectares.
The principal livelihood activities in the area are agriculture and stone quarrying. The area mainly grows saffron, almonds and walnuts. The village has two canals and two springs which feed the fields. Several cement factories have come up in the vicinity of Shar-i-Shali area to its north. Some one dozen people of the village are employed at these factories. The modest industrial activity in the nearby Khrew and Khanmoh towns seek to offer enhanced economic opportunities. The village has a long history of hosting outside visitors for various religious sites in the area.